Water ripple effect on an HTML5 canvas

It’s a nice demo of what is possible with HTML5 but still lacks in performance. At least on my laptop.


Badass JavaScript: Face Detection in JavaScript via HTML5 Canvas

Badass JavaScript: Face Detection in JavaScript via HTML5 Canvas


You have probably seen face detection at work in programs like iPhoto and Picasa, but what if you could do that performantly in JavaScript? Chinese developer Liu Liu has done the honors, and implemented the algorithm using the canvas element.

The algorithm is implemented on top of a JS port of a…

HTML5 Is Here So You’d Best Be Prepared

Here’s a link to some great examples of HTML5 at work (Webification):

HTML5 is going to become running theme here since I’m taking some significant time at home to learn how to implement it. And also it is awesome.

HTML5 Photo Gallery Creator

HTML5 Photo Gallery Creator

I’m looking forward to a lot of great HTML5 apps. This is great example of how easy it makes interacting with a web page.