Badass JavaScript: Face Detection in JavaScript via HTML5 Canvas

Badass JavaScript: Face Detection in JavaScript via HTML5 Canvas


You have probably seen face detection at work in programs like iPhoto and Picasa, but what if you could do that performantly in JavaScript? Chinese developer Liu Liu has done the honors, and implemented the algorithm using the canvas element.

The algorithm is implemented on top of a JS port of a…


Can RSS be replaced?

Prompted by parislemon’s post – RSS Is Dying, and You Should Be Very Worried – and subsequent twitter feud I’ve decided to try and get away from RSS completely. I’ve found myself in the past spending way too much time on Google Reader and probably not getting the information I needed quite as readily. I wondered if I can get the same information on twitter – and potentially get access to better information – and do so in a more efficient manner.

So I took some time yesterday evening to look at my RSS subscriptions and see if I can just follow their twitter feed to get the same information. So I’ve managed to cut my number of RSS subscription in half but I haven’t gone through a lot of the more obscure feeds. Some I expect not to be able to remove entirely but if I can streamline my whole information gathering process hopefully I can spend some more time on better quality pursuits (reality tv shows).

I think the toughest part of this whole process for me will be getting used to clicking links as opposed to reading posts in Google Reader. The other difficulty will be finding a way to keep track of where I left off on my twitter feed. I’ve switched my casual browser back to RockMelt for now since the TweetDeck Chrome app didn’t show you which tweets were new but am on the lookout for a better way to manage what information I may have missed when I’ve been away from a computer/phone/tablet.

So what do you think? Should I even bother or has RSS run its course?