Jailbreaking iOS 4.1 on an iPhone 3G

With the disaster that was iOS 4.0, 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 on the iPhone 3G I was hopeful that iOS 4.1 would solve all of my problems. When it comes to “legitimate” functionality the update was everything I could have hoped for. The jailbreak has been different story altogether.

All I really wanted was multitasking on my 3G. I tried jailbreaking 4.0.1 to enable multitasking and my first impression was that I was originally wrong in my criticism of Apple and that not enabling that feature on the 3G devices was not just an incentive for users to buy new devices. It was an unmitigated disaster. In the process however I discovered the joy that is SBSettings and LockInfo and PDANet. I was a convert to jailbreaking…just not on that device. Word soon leaked out that iOS 4 was causing major problems for even legitimate uses of the 3G and that a fix would soon be released.

So 4.1 came out and I upgraded. Sure I lost my jailbreak but I now had a functioning iPhone again. Soon after the iPhone Dev Team released Redsn0w 0.9.6b1 (you can get it here if you want) and it was time to try again.

The jailbreak process was smooth but there were a few performance lags. I thought I could live with it if it wasn’t too bad and it meant multitasking and jailbreak app. I went to bed that night happy as could be. I awoke the next morning to the sun streaming brightly through the window…but that wasn’t right. What happened to my alarm? I have an iPhone dock/alarm clock on my nightstand that plays music from the iPod in the morning. Turns out that the jailbreak has busted the docking capability (confirmed during the long dull drive to work listening to news radio) instead of a podcast or music. I found out some package called Mobile Substrate is causing this problem. Unfortunately I was unable to remove it and keep Cydia installed as part of the jailbreak process.

In the end Redsn0w did work enabling multitasking, background wallpapers and battery percentages with no noticeable performance issues. However Cydia is not installed so for now I won’t be adding any jailbreak applications. All I really wanted in the beginning was the multitasking that Apple told me I couldn’t have.


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